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I've always had an interest in antique, classic and muscle cars since I was 8 years old.

The first classic I owned was a 1968 Camaro which I purchased for $1250 in 1980. I followed that purchase with a 1969 Camaro Convertible for $900 in 1981. I sold the '69 Camaro 2 years later. The '68 Camaro almost met it's demise when someone hit me head-on. The insurance company wanted to total it, but fortunately for me I had it towed to a body shop that specialized in classic car restoration. They convenced the insurance company not to total the car. After having it fixed it wasn't long after it was involved in another accident. This time I had it sent to my cousin's body shop where he did a total restoration of the Camaro. After having it restored I held onto it until 1990 when I sold it because I had just bought a home.

I wished everyday since that time that I hadn't sold the car. I still kept my eye out for classic cars by going to car shows. After getting away from the hobby of collecting I finally came full circle in April 2009 when I purchased my 1983 El Camino Conquista for $900. I knew when I purchased it, that it would need to be totally restored but that didn't matter to me. I always wanted a El Camino and I finally got one. It spend over 4 months at the body shop before it became what it is today.

The following year February 2010 I came across my 1959 Edsel Ranger 2-door hardtop, sitting in a barn in Middletown, Delaware. It had been there since 1990 just sitting and rusting away in a barn that was falling apart. Water had been dripping over the body for over 10 years leaving the rust marks where the water dripped constantly. This was truly a barn find that every car enthusiast dreams about. I ended up purchasing it after 3 months of negations in June 2010. It's at the body shop going through a total restoration.

One day I get a call from a guy that I was going to have pinstripe my El Camino Conquista. He wanted to let me know about an El Camino that was for sale by a friend of his. He thought I might be interested. I thought about it for 3 days and decided to call the guy to see if I could see the El Camino. I ended up going over to see it and was surprised to find out that it was a base model and even though the body had some rust spots the quarter panels were in excellent shape. The owner had rebuilt the engine so that was already in good shape. So I decided to purchase the truck. I had it immediately towed over to the body shop. It just recently has been restored.

My latest acquisition is a 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, which belonged to a childhood friends dad. My friend contacted me on Facebook to see if I would be interested in the car. I ended up taking a 2 hour drive to check it out and was presently surprised. The car is all original and I'm the second owner. What could be better then that? I have to wonder what will be my next acquisition?

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