1983 El Camino Conquista

I always wanted an El Camino since the day I saw one driving along the highway in 1969. At that time the one I saw was a 1964. I went on to collect Camaros' and didn't thnink about actually buying an El Camino until April 16, 2009.

I was driving along Route 71 (Red Lion Road), in January 2009, when I saw a 1983 El Camino sitting on someone's lawn. I drove by it every weekend going to visit my sister and finally one weekend in March I stopped to take a look. I discovered upon looking it was a Conquista, the top of the line model. The body wasn't in the best of shape, however I figured I go home and think it over before I call the owner to take it out for a drive.

The next weekend I had to go away on business, and I decided to give the owner a call. The gentleman actually said it wasn't his car, but a friend's and it was no longer sitting in front of his house. He explained it was over in Old New Castle, and if I wanted to see it he would call the owner. I returned from my business trip on April 8, 2009 and called up the owner to arrange to see it the next day. The rest is history.