The Purchase

I was out taking photographs in the country area of Middletown, Delaware, when I came across this barn. When I took a photo of the barn I saw this glow when the flash went off on the camera. I looked through the side of the barn and discovered this Edsel sitting there with four flat tires. This was what is known as the true barn find.

On June 12, 2010 I purchased the Edsel and had it transported to the mechanic. This is one of 5,966 Ranger, 2 door hardtops made for the model year 1959.

I learned that I was becoming the second owner of the car. The car was last driven in August of 1990 and was stored in a barn. That's an amazing 20 years ago. The Edsel has an amazing 18,725 original miles on it and was always serviced at the Mercury/Edsel dealership in Kent County.

The other amazing things about the car is the interior, the roof of the car and the engine. The engine was in tact, minus the battery and the headliner looks like new.