So the restoration process officially began with the removal of the chrome in early September 2012. Since chroming is expensive, I'm having it done a little at a time at Polished Treasures in Chesapeake City, Maryland. On July 16, 2013 the Edsel was Soda Blasted by Delmarva Soda Blasting. The car actually turned out better then any of us hoped. It was towed from Georgetown, Delaware to New Castle, Delaware to be stored in a storage facility until the body shop was ready to begin work.

After doing some research I ended up contacting JNM Performance located in Claymont, Delaware about doing the restoration of the Edsel. As it turns out they are Thunderbird specialists, but have done Pontiacs, Chevys and many other vehicles. But what made my mind up to have them do the work was the fact that their body man has done this type of work for 40 years, plus he is the best at laying paint. I soon discovered that the owner also knew a lot about what Ford and Thunderbird parts would work on the rebuild. So I had it towed to JNM Performance on July 26, 2013. They immediately primer the car with a special primer so it could sit outside when need be. They went over the mechanicals and made a list of what needed to be done.

It has been suggested that car needed to go through a rotisserie restoration because they found two body mounts had totally rusted through. Wiring harness will be updated with fuses and they will conceal them in the kick panel so that everything remains original to the eye. It was also decided that a hood, deck lid and doors be purchased rather then spend the time and money to repair the current hood, deck lid and doors. Not that they were in very bad shape, but because the areas that need repair are time consuming to repair and shape due to the rust. So they located a rust free deck lid for $150. Next thing is to locate the doors and hood. They do stainless steel work, so I will give them all the stainless steel to buff. In the meantime Polished Treasures will do the exterior door handles, front bumper and rear bumper. I will try to locate the headlight bezels and grille rather then having them re-chrome. Another rare thing about this car is they discovered it has a heavy duty Thunderbird rear which they have never seen before.

I've looked into finding the material for the interior door panels and seats and I'm happy to say I found SMS Auto Fabrics in Washington State that can manufacture and supply exact reproduction interior door panels and upholstery for 50's and 60's automobiles. So the long process begins and I will post more photos as the process continues.